New since Feb 13

New Features, Since February 13 2020

  • Festival Hosts:
    • You can now create Room ‘Nicknames’
      • Rooms no longer have to be called “Brass1, Brass2, 56Brass1, 56Brass2, etc.” They can now be titled however you’d like! To modify the nicknames of rooms, go in to the Scheduling Menu and click the last item on the bottom: “Adjudicators and Classrooms”.
    • There is now a very detailed Scheduling Training Video available to all Festival Hosts. This video can be found on the Documentation page, as well as the ‘Create/Modify Schedule’ page.
    • In the graphical schedule, when you click on a student who is performing multiple auditions, you can see that student’s schedule in the pop-up screen.
    • A Feedback link is now available for all users from the homepage. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the program.
  • Directors of Music:
    • New Functionality – The Director of Music can now register students for an audition from ANY BUILDING in the District. This will be extremely helpful when trying to successfully link students as ‘Performing Multiple Auditions’. In order for a student to be linked as ‘Multiple’ and obtain prioritized scheduling as such, the student must be located in the ‘Same Building’. If Johnny Smith is registered in Smith Middle School as Trumpet, and the Director registers Johnny in District Office for Voice, the student will not be successfully linked as Multiple.
      • As of yesterday (March 4, 2020), Directors can now change the building in which a student is registered – thus making it possible for the student to be linked as ‘Multiple Auditions’.
        1. Login as Director
        2. Click Entries
        3. Sort Alphabetically by Student. Notice which students have (M*) beside their names. These students have been successfully marked as ‘Multiple Auditions’. If as student does not have (M*) beside their name, and they are the same student, either the spelling of their name is incorrect, their grade level is incorrect, or they are in different buildings. All of this is now editable by clicking on the blue pencil ‘modify’ button beside the student’s name.
        4. Modify the student’s grade level, spelling of name, or building and submit the change by clicking the green button
        5. Modify the student AGAIN by clicking the blue pencil beside the name (OR, just hit the BACK button on your browser), and click the checkbox beside the Name and Instrument of the ‘Multiple Entry’
        6. The student will not received prioritized treatment in the scheduling system.
    • Once the schedule for the festival has been finalized, you will be able to view Playing Permits on the ‘Entries’ page for any given festival in which your district has registered students. After you click ‘Entries’, click ‘All Students’. You can see all playing permits for all students in your district.
      • Please keep in mind, however, that if the festival host has only published the ‘Draft Schedule’, permits will not be available.
    • An itemized PDF bill is now available for your District’s participation in a festival. To find this, login to your Director of Music account, choose ‘Festival Billing’ and then ‘Complete Festival Bill’. Once you select a festival, you will be presented with the option of downloading a PDF Invoice that lists all of the students from your district and their itemized fee.
    • A Feedback link is now available for all users from the homepage. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the program.
  • Thank you!
    • It has been a pleasure working with all of the educators throughout zones 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 during the first year of Da Capo. Feel free to continue to reach out to me if you have any questions.
  • Da Capo has also been hard at work developing:
    • Area All-State Festival Management Programs
    • Summer Music Management Programs

Access Codes for Da Capo Music Festival Registration:

Teacher Access Code: [Contact the Developer for the access code]
Director of Music: [Contact the Developer for the access code]
NYSSMA Festival Host: [Contact the Developer for the access code]

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