New for 2021: Da Capo Auditions

With the emergence of the need to conduct some auditions remotely in the 2020-2021 school year, Da Capo has created an Online Virtual Audition Platform. With this platform, students, teachers, festival chairpeople, and adjudicators will have user-friendly access to adjudicate student performances. All data points can be easily exported – to align with the needs of the organization. Click Here to learn more about the Da Capo Virtual Audition Platform.

New for 2020: Da Capo Inventory

At, teachers and administrators alike can benefit from an Online Music Instrument Inventory System at an affordable price. In a beautiful user-interface, users can:

  • Communicate with Students/Parents
  • Assign and Return Instruments
  • Take Photo Documentation of Instrument Condition
  • Send and Check-In Instruments for Repair
  • Manage Uniforms and Lockers
  • Log Financial Data
  • Print Rental Contracts
  • View Available Library and Inventory items across the District
  • and So Much More!

At Da Capo Web Development, LLC …

We are laser focused on writing software for School, State and County Music Organizations. Our software collects and organizes music festival registration data for use in statewide performance adjudications such as NYSSMA and other All-County / All-State festival nominations.

Since 2012, Patrick Hait has been the webmaster for a large county Music Educators’ Association in New York. He has enjoyed working with the Executive Board of Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association to bring their computer operations into the 21st Century. In addition to revamping their large website, he recently rewrote the complete festival nomination system using current, state-of-the-art programming language. As of Spring 2021, there are several organizations using this festival nomination and management software.

This software is written with a strong emphasis on system security – and ease of use for all parties. Through explicit documentation and rapid developer response, county and state music organizations need not worry!

As a band teacher in a public school district, I have been a user of these various music festival registration software packages. Frankly, I have always found them to be a little quirky! I was excited to have the opportunity to use my vision to write a new festival registration system. A system that would be tailored for ease-of-use and efficiency for all types of users: Teachers, music directors, chair people, and Website Administrators.

Da Capo Web Development is excited for the opportunity to help your Music Educators’ Association with their technological needs. We are proud commercial and institutional members of SCMEA and NYSSMA, and thoroughly enjoyed presenting at the NYSSMA Winter Conference in Rochester in December, 2019.

Contact us for more information.