Statewide Adjudications

Statewide Adjudication festivals are a horse of a different color when compared to All-County festivals. The volume of data and the need for its careful manipulation is necessary to ensure a successful festival season. I am excited to debut this new software (Da Capo Music in the 2019-2020 festival season in New York. The ‘meat and potatoes’ of a Statewide Music Festival Registration system, in my opinion, is its scheduling function. Keeping accompanists, students with auditions on multiple instruments, siblings, and special requests in mind, it is the computer’s job to make it as easy on the Festival Administrator as possible!

Teachers make up the largest quantity of users for this program. As a teacher myself, it was important for me to be able to find the information I needed to know in as few clicks as possible. To that end, I have worked diligently to keep the Teacher pages as streamlined as possible.

Directors of Music have the important job of answering to Parents to ensure that their child has been registered successfully, and to help their staff to understand entry requirements and money collection practices. To that end, both the Teachers and the Directors have detailed billing views to make sure that all fees have been collected. Directors also have the ability to register students and modify other student registrations.

Festival Administrators have quite the array of functions available to them including the following:

  • Festival Creation (Dates, Times, Breaks, Location, Specify Audition Events, … and more!)
  • Automatic, 1 button, schedule creation (10 seconds to schedule 1100 students in a festival, across 30 audition rooms)
  • Drag and Drop student schedule modification
  • Array of reports, organized neatly, to assist Festival Administrators in scheduling
  • EASY rating input during festival
  • Easy method of sharing schedules and ratings with teachers and directors
  • Data analysis
  • … and many more!

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