February New Additions and Notes

New Features, February 2020

  • Directors of Music:
    • You now have the ability to delete (or cancel) student registrations from your school district. A teacher has always had the capability to delete or cancel their own students, but now you have this function as well – district wide.
  • Festival Hosts:
    • I have been told by several Festival Hosts that due to changes in levels and pieces in the NYSSMA Manual, some students find out too late that the solo they prepared is not in the manual or the level has changed. This can occur if a teacher does not look up the solo in the current NYSSMA manual during registration.
    • There is now a function that allows you to find teachers who have not entered pertinent solo information (Composition & Page Number) into their student’s registrations. If you choose to use this feature, I think it would be best to send the email the day after registration closes for your festival. You can contact these teachers via email with one click from the website. To find this data:
      • Log in with your Festival Host account
      • Click ‘Contacts & Support’
      • Click ‘Teachers Involved in Festival’
      • [On the next screen, you may have to click the title of the festival which you are managing]
      • On the right side of the screen below the blue ‘Email’ icon, there is a drop-down that says ‘All Teachers’. Change the selection to say ‘Missing Page Numbers’. You will then get a list of only the teachers involved in your festival that have not entered Composition and Page Number information.
      • By clicking the blue and white email button, you will be able to send an email to every teacher listed on that webpage. The email will be sent from the address: [email protected]. The first line of the email is programmed to say: Sent by DaCapo Music Festivals on behalf of [Festival Host], [Host’s Email Address from the User Profile].
    • New function in ‘Special Requests’ allows you to ‘Check Off’ whether or not you have addressed that request. You can sort this list by whether or not you have checked off the request.
    • You can now see what District, Building, and the name of the Teacher who registered the student in the ‘Modify Student’ pages (click the blue pencil beside a student)
    • You can now email a teacher directly through the ‘View Entries by Instrument OR District’ pages (email sent through your own email client: Outlook, etc.)
    • There have been improvements to the Scheduling algorithm.
    • More fields have been added to the Excel Download – found on your home page (Down Arrow Icon beside the name of your festival)
  • Thank you!
    • It has been a pleasure working with all of the educators throughout zones 3, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 during the first year of Da Capo. Feel free to continue to reach out to me if you have any questions.
  • Da Capo has also been hard at work developing:
    • Area All-State Festival Management Programs
    • Summer Music Management Programs

Access Codes for Da Capo Music Festival Registration:

Teacher Access Code: [Contact the Developer for the access code]
Director of Music: [Contact the Developer for the access code]
NYSSMA Festival Host: [Contact the Developer for the access code]

Da Capo Web Development is a Proud Institutional Member of NYSSMA and Commercial Member of SCMEA, supporting Music Education Throughout New York State and Suffolk County.