Virtual Audition Platform

Da Capo Auditions is a secure online video audition platform that gives students the ability to upload video performances for adjudication by college, K-12, county, or state-wide organizations.  However, it doesn’t stop there!

In a County or Statewide implementation, teachers have the ability to quickly and easily see – on one screen – their students progress throughout the video audition and submission process.  Teachers can even upload a video or YouTube link for a student right from their home-screen.

Through the use of Da Capo Music Festivals and Da Capo Auditions, teachers and festival chairs have the ability to easily combine the powerful features of the video upload platform, the scheduling functions, and the assignment of adjudicators to create an official adjudication sheet to meet your specific requirements.  These completed adjudication sheets can then be shown to stakeholders in a quick, user-friendly, and efficient manner.  Teachers can even download student adjudication sheets with one click for archival purposes.

There are even opportunities within this software for adjudicator training, inter-rater reliability data gathering, and further data analysis with regard to the various data points that are collected on the adjudication sheet.

The fact that this software has been developed by an in-service music teacher with strong database and web-development skills ensures that this platform is laser focused on making the lives of teachers easier.  Gone are the days of needing to do repetitive tasks for each and every student on your roster – enter the efficiency of Da Capo Auditions.

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