County Organization and Area All-State Festival Nominations

An online Area All-State festival registration and nomination system has to be made as self-explanatory as possible due to varying technological abilities in groups of teachers. With over 700 music teachers in Suffolk County, New York, the design of the festival nomination system has proven to meet this goal, as the frequency of support requests is extremely low. As of May, 2019, there are three large organizations (SCMEA, NYSCAME/Suffolk, and LISFA) using this county-wide music festival registration and nomination software.

Various levels of security and access requirements built in to the application. This ensures that only the appropriate people in the organization can access the various data elements.

Teachers have the ability to complete various nomination functions in a user-friendly manner:

  • Nominate students
  • Choose from a list of appropriate instruments / voices
  • Enter a ‘ranking‘ for the student
  • Enter comments, either canned or custom, for the students
  • Build a percussion portfolio for percussionists
  • … and many more!

Directors of Music have the ability to:

  • Manage the teachers who register in their school district
  • View, edit, and manage the nominations created by their teachers
  • View festival billing information
  • … and many more!

Festival Chair People have the ability to:

  • View all nominations for their particular festival with advanced search and sort features
  • Host an Auditioned Festival with Custom Scheduling Scenarios and have scores automatically imported into the Ensemble Selection Process
  • Automate the selection of Ensembles based on instrumentation
  • Print out Adjudication Sheets directly from the website – in 1 click!
  • Select students into their festival
  • Send mass emails to teachers / directors
  • … and many more!

Website Administrators have the ability to:

  • Enjoy – Everything just WORKS! After entering the festival dates and locations, very little user interaction on behalf of the site admin is necessary. Possible interactions may include directing users to the secure Password Reset function.
  • Some organizations use a Dues function in which users cannot create nominations without dues being paid online (during registration!).
  • Administrators can also View, Modify, Send billing information with the click of a button
  • … and MANY more functions!

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