November Newsletter

November Newsletter and Updates from Da Capo Web Development

  • This past October, Da Capo met with leadership at NYSSMA and received some great feedback on the program.  Updates to the system were made based on their suggestions including how multiple audition registrations are handled, the exports that are available, and additional billing functions for Festival Hosts.
  • This month, Da Capo will be presenting a workshop at the NYSCAME Suffolk/SCMEA/LISFA Symposium on Music Education at East Islip Middle School on Election Day, November 5th at 10:00am.  Participants are encouraged to bring laptops or tablets to have a hands-on experience with the NYSSMA Registration System. For more information, please visit the NYSCAME/Suffolk website.
  • The manner in which siblings are handled during scheduling has been updated, making every effort to keep siblings scheduled closely together.
  • A process that will import student registration data from an outside source has been developed.  Reply to this email for more information.
  • There is now a scheduling function to prioritize scheduling for particular school districts or buildings.  Navigate to ‘Create/Modify Schedule’ and click on ‘2c. Special Considerations’ to try this function.
  • Further training via a webinar/screen share is available for Festival Hosts and their associates.
  • Da Capo Web Development will be at the NYSSMA Winter Conference in Rochester demonstrating the NYSSMA Registration and Area All-State Nomination Software products.  Come visit us at Booth #53!

Access Codes for Da Capo Music Festival Registration:

Teacher Access Code: [Contact the Developer for the access code]
Director of Music: [Contact the Developer for the access code]
NYSSMA Festival Host: [Contact the Developer for the access code]

*You are also welcome to test-drive the system with Demo Data.
Email Patrick for more information.

Da Capo Web Development is a Proud Institutional Member of NYSSMA and Commercial Member of SCMEA, supporting Music Education Throughout New York State and Suffolk County.